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Thursday, August 19, 2010

school, school, school...

This is where I work, eat, and practically sleep these days. Things are good, but I'm not keeping up with anything else. Thank you Shane for doing the laundry last weekend, I apologize for the filthy house and sink-full of dishes!! :( Back to school is hard for mommy, but GREAT too!! Caydree is also with me at school, and liking it so far. She is in the kinder-readiness program, with only 3 other kids so far, so we will see how it starts to pan out! Her teachers are Ms. Sylvia and Ms. Sarah. She plays hard, doesn't nap as well, gets to go to the library and computer lab, and eats lunch from the cafeteria. BIG changes for my little girl.

Mr. Man is way too much to handle...been walking like a maniac for more than a month now...into everything, and is the boyest of boys I know!! ;) I'll put some new videos on here to share just how fun he is these days! Not talking yet, but makes lots of noise. Just waiting for the words to come flooding out, but for now the facial expressions, screaming, and head shaking will have to do!