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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Terrible, horrible mommy is what I am...not cut out for this having 2 kids, working full time, and trying to keep up with the blogging thing, that is FOR SURE! It's times like now, when I have to check myself, and remember that I LOVE my kids, I love my job, and I really do love to blog, I just also need to remember life has priorities. ;)

That said, we are still here! Less than a week away from our big palate surgery (and lip and nose revision) on Monday, Oct. 4. I'm a nervous wreck. The surgery itself is a big deal, but I am so much more worried about the recovery, and how little man will handle it all. He is such a stubborn, rotten little will either be a piece of cake or absolute hell! Hoping for choice #1...keep us in your prayers, PLEASE! Speedy recovery for him, sanity and patience for me, right?! Grandma is coming to help, and Mamma will be here as well, so between 3-4 sets of hands we are hoping that the 1st week just goes by quickly. There may not be much sleep, but we will see...I have a couple of ideas about how that might work.

Anyway, a couple of updates from the past month.
--Calder is up to 5 teeth now! Loves to bite and pinch when he doesn't get his way...Naughty.
--Caydree turned 4 on the 23rd
--Calder turned 1 on the 27th...we celebrated their b-days with a pirate and mermaid themed party...ARRR!
--Calder went to his 1 year well-check and is 19.2 lbs...he is in the 6th %ile for weight, WOO HOO!!
--Caydree's preschool (at my site) is closing due to lack of enrollment, so she will be going back to Ms. Linda's...where I know she is loved and will be happy! It was a good experience for her, and I will miss the more "formal" school aspect of it, but she'll head to kinder next year (holy smokes) and will be just as ready, no big deal.

I want to post a couple of pictures from birthday...and Calder's 1st year I'll leave it at that, for now. Look for surgery updates early next week!

Little man's 1st year video...sorry, it's a little long, I got carried away!