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Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas #1

This will probably be the first of a couple of holiday posts...I've not uploaded any of my other Christmas pictures yet, though I need to!

Little Man in his "fake tie" shirt! ;)

Love this pic, just captures the curiosity and mischief in him...

Grandma and Grandpa came on the 23rd, we couldn't wait, and it's been fun and busy since they've been here!

They do more than I could ever ask, and make life so much more fun for the kids, and easier for me...words can't really express how much we love them, and how sad we will be to see them go later this week. I will try to get more pictures up and spend a little more time writing later on, but I'm going to bed before midnight for once this week!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Making a list...

Or not, is it really almost Christmas? Am I already out of school? Do I still really have shopping to do? I desperately need to make a list! It's time to prioritize...

Big news first:
~Calder's hand healed up perfectly from the 2nd degree burns, hardly even any noticeable scars...SO grateful that he is beyond that injury!

~Since then, he has fallen down the stairs and bumped his head a few times...this kid never quits?! I'll be the one in the hospital, he will probably give me heart failure one of these times.

~Had a great Thanksgiving

~Managed to decorate most of the if we could just get the rest of it cleaned up? :)

~Somewhat successfully visited Santa (pictures to follow)

~Getting ready for our favorite out of town visitors to come for Christmas: Grandma and Grandpa, and Uncle Aaron, Stephanie and Caleb!

I hate that I haven't been on here as often as I'd like. My goal was to post once a week...maybe that can still happen. For now, some new pictures to enjoy!

Calder showing Wally the love...and sharing Sophie the Giraffe!

Thanksgiving at Mamma and Pappa's house.

Looking for trouble...

How could this little cutie be naughty? ;)
Grandma sent these pajamas, they pretty much say it all!

FINALLY, the Santa pictures:
Calder didn't really enjoy this, but it made for a few keepsake photos!




I don't know who I feel worse for...Santa, or Calder?! My poor little monkey, hopefully these pictures will be his only memory! Before we went up to Santa, he was a total ham...waving, laughing, arching to get down and get closer...GO FIGURE!

If I don't get on here before this weekend,
Merry Christmas!
Remember the real reason we celebrate...God's blessings to all!!