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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Lots to Share...

I seem to be getting worse and worse at this, but I will keep plugging along. I'll be happy if I can get once a month in!

We are all doing well, but it's been busy around here! The kids and I spent the first week of my Spring Break in Maryland, visiting Grandma and Grandpa...we had a great time!! The long plane rides I could have done without, but the vacation part was awesome. ;) We went to a fun place called Kid's Village, the National Zoo, a park with a train and a carousel, and a nature preserve with a funky name, just to name a few...Grandma was an excellent event planner! She also has a lot more pictures than I do, so my selection may be limited!

Picnic with Grandma at the Nature Preserve...

Hanging out with Uncle Allen at the zoo...

Pretty girl making some pretty eggs...

Grandma and Calder at the park

Sister on the carousel and lovin' it!

Mommy and Calder riding the train!

While we were in Maryland, we had the amazing opportunity to meet some friends we've made through our "cleft" journey. Connecting on the internet, talking and sharing our journeys together...Nick and Calder are only about 3 weeks apart in age. It truly was a special blessing to make the connection in person! The boys were funny, Calder gave lots of hugs, and they ended up even having the same jackets on that day! It was really awesome, and I thank Michael and Susan for having enough trust in me--the crazy, facebook, cleft mommy friend to actually meet up with us! We hope that our paths continue to run as parallel as they have, and that they cross again in the future. Here are a couple pics from our meeting!


We returned to CA after a fun week, just in time for some friend time here, Easter, then back to our normal routines.

We spent Easter at Mamma and Pappa's house for an early dinner, after a quiet breakfast here at home. Rain kept us from hunting for eggs until later in the afternoon, but the baskets of goodies kept us very entertained!

Checking out the loot in our baskets!

Mommy and Daddy hanging out--picture by Caydree. ;)

Happy egg hunting...

Always fun to celebrate with colored eggs, chocolate bunnies, and jellybeans, but best to remember why we celebrate. Caydree still talks about a Vacation Bible School activity we did last summer--Jesus was a marshmallow. :) Maybe a bit more explanation would be helpful??
We put oils and spices on his body (melted butter and cinnamon) and then wrapped him in cloth (crescent rolls). After burying him (in the oven) we were surprised to see that Jesus had "disappeared" (risen). I know that she may not really "get it" yet...but the fact that she remembers the process and story from our activity shows me that she is trying to understand, and she's still thinking about it.

So, we hope that your Easter was filled with sweet treats, colorful reminders,
friends, family, and lots of LOVE!

My two Easter this love, or what?!


  1. That is the cutest idea about the marshmallow! I'll have to remember that for next year.

  2. The kiddos are getting so big and Calder has a full head of hair now! I'm glad your trip went well and you were able to meet up with another cleft family. I hope to have that opportunity soon :)
    ♥ Lainie & Coop

  3. Looks like a great Easter. I love the marshmallow idea. Calder looks so big!

  4. Found your blog through the Fb post by Cleft awareness. What a terrific blog, and what a beautiful boy! My boy (the one with cleft) is 2 yrs old (14 March), and I have a blog with pretty much the same scope as you have, only in Swedish. It's lagging a bit, though:
    Thanks for sharing your story! /Ia